What is the Goal of the Parish Bereavement Ministry?

“The goal of a parish bereavement ministry is that no member of the faith community grieves alone. The compassion of God embraces all, the rich and poor, the active and inactive, the known and unknown. The outreach of a bereavement ministry should be no less compassionate as it strives to be the loving comfort of God here and now.”

What is the Bereavement Ministry?

Bereavement Ministry is the name given to services offered to those who are grieving. This may include assistance with funeral arrangements and coordination, planning, liturgy, and long term support.

How will I be trained?

The training program is made up to four full day sessions covering the following areas of:

  • Grief & Mourning
  • Ministering to the Bereaved
  • Catholic Funerals and Funeral Planning

The Bereavement trainings will provide:

  • A better understanding of the grieving process and theories on loss.
  • Skills to effectively reach out for a family’s immediate needs.
  • Resources for ministers to effectively engage families in personalizing the wake and funeral.
  • Valuable media and written resources.
  • Ongoing consultation and follow-up training

To whom is this ministry available?

All parishioners may be served through this ministry.

Why do people serve in this ministry?

Men and women serve in a bereavement ministry for many different reasons. Perhaps gratitude for blessings given by God; a response to the care they or a family member has received and wish to share that care; being a compassionate, caring person responding to God’s call.

How often will I be required to participate?

Schedules will vary. When you have been interviewed and accepted for this ministry, the parish bereavement coordinator will discuss with you the process of the ministry.

Qualities of a Bereavement Minister:

Compassion, Prayerfulness, Patience, Empathy, Unselfishness, Openness